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Robotic intra row non-chemical weeding machine powered by AI.

Software focused

Most value in SW rather than HW


Fast and scalable

AI Functionality

Advanced software setup

Easy to Adopt

Fits existing cultivation farming methods

This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, through an Open Call issued and executed under the project agROBOfood (Grant Agreement Nº 825395)


"Our ambition is to develop the most efficient and the fastest intra-row weeding machine in the world"

– Martin Ullmann, CEO

A family-run tech startup addressing the weeding challenge with a uniquely balanced approach of tech and agricultural traditions.

Martin Ullmann


Jindrich Ullmann


AI Agriculture

Weed control has undoubtedly been the number one enemy of modern food production.

As a result, sustainable agriculture faces two major challenges:

Decreasing the use of pesticides

Scaling organic production

Ullmanna introduces a smart solution:

Tailored User Interface

Prototyping & Construction

Prototyping & Construction of robotic elements

Automation & Efficiency

Machine Learning

Best Practices

Complex know-how of weeding methodologies and state of the art best practices for commonly cultured crops

Our solution is created for:

Organic farmers

To replace manual labor with an intuitive robotic system.

Conventional farmers

To support conventional farmers in positioning themselves against future regulatory restrictions with a more sustainable deep tech approach.

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"We scale organic food production thanks to AI and robotics."

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Explore environmental benefits

Use of Chemicals

In sustainable agriculture, we can achieve on average 40% pesticide reduction compared with conventional farming.

Contamination of Groundwater

In comparison to chemical weeding, mechanical weeding has no impact on the ground water

Workers Health and Safety

Mechanical weeding provided by NEWMAN reduces the amount of chemicals used, and thus mitigates the risk of accidental pesticide poisoning.


We demonstrate that with the weeding speed provided by the NEWMAN device, we can noticeably reduce the time and required workforce to process the same area in the field.

Profit Per hectare

3x time more profit per hectare compare to conventional farming.

Decrease Seasonal Work

Mitigate the risk of labor shortage.

“The coronavirus crisis has shown how vulnerable we all are, and how important it is to restore the balance between human activity and nature. At the heart of the Green Deal the Biodiversity and Farm to Fork strategies point to a new and better balance of nature, food systems and biodiversity; to protect our people’s health and well-being, and at the same time to increase the EU’s competitiveness and resilience. These strategies are a crucial part of the great transition we are embarking upon.”

Frans Timmermans

Frans Timmermans

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission

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