Our Vision

Our mission at Ullmanna is to assist global farming in a necessary transition towards more sustainable and organic agricultural practices. Decreasing or complete abandoning of pesticides utilization in modern farming is one of the key elements in addressing the urgent challenge of climate change and environmental degradation. But such a change comes with a complex challenge of growing more organic crops without an enormous increase in the required workforce for weed control. We bring a solution to this problem.

Our technology combines proprietary AI/ML crop recognition software with a specially developed robotic platform. With that NEWMAN is a unique weeding machine setting new standards for quick and efficient weed control in a completely chemical-free way. We are boosting the efficiency and eco-friendliness of farming business not only in organic and sustainable farms, but in the conventional ones as well.

With that we contribute to the main line of the European Green Deal initiative, clean planet and healthy future of humanity as a whole.

Environmental Benefits

Use of Chemicals

In sustainable agriculture, we can achieve on average 40% pesticide reduction compared with conventional farming.

Contamination of Groundwater

In comparison to chemical weeding, mechanical weeding has no impact on the ground water

Workers Health and Safety

Mechanical weeding provided by NEWMAN reduces the amount of chemicals used, and thus mitigates the risk of accidental pesticide poisoning.


We demonstrate that with the weeding speed provided by the NEWMAN device, we can noticeably reduce the time and required workforce to process the same area in the field.

Profit Per hectare

3x time more profit per hectare compare to conventional farming.