Our product

We are working on a product which has a disrupting potential for agriculture market, allowing to commercialize new in-row weeding machines , which would lower the organic farms production costs and makes organic food more affordable for all consumers.

Non Chemical Weeding Machine (NEWMAN)

  • In-row weeding machine which recognize weed from root crops.
  • Innovative root crop detection based on machine learning inference which is running on local device. NEWMAN can recognize weed comparing to crop based on the plant characteristics, not only based on color and size
  • Low power, offline recognition.
  • Thanks to deep neural networks, system can be trained to recognize plant “patterns”

Possible application for: Sugar Beet, Cabbage, Head Lettuce, Romaine, Red Lettuce, Kale, Basil, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Fennel, Peppers, Melons and Artichokes.

We use innovative “power” for the machine hoes which is very environment friendly, reliable and easy to maintain.