Increase your farm's revenue with robotics and AI!

NEWMAN - Non chEmical Weeding MAchiNe

Precise Inter-Row Cultivation

More Than 10 Hectares of Sugar Beet per Day

Reduces water evaporation

Power Efficient

Light Weight

Mechanical weeding

Our technology is ...

  • In-row Weeding Machine

    In-row weeding machine that recognizes weed from root crops.

  • Machine Learning

    Innovative root crop detection based on machine learning inference runs on the local device, allowing offline recognition.

  • Advanced Weed Recognition

    NEWMAN can recognize weed by comparing it to crop, based on advanced plant characteristics.

  • Deep Neural Networks

    Thanks to deep neural networks, the system can be trained to recognize plant “patterns”.

  • Variety of Crops

    Possible application for Sugar Beet, Cabbage, Head Lettuce, Romaine, Red Lettuce, Kale, Basil, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Fennel, Peppers, Melons, and Artichokes.

Our smart weeding machine eliminates weeds in the germination stage, rather than when they appear on the surface, while also recognizing the cultivated crop. It enables farmers to reduce the number of chemicals they use by up to 40% and significantly enhances organic growers’ production without increasing manual labor. In one hour, it can do as much work in the field as sixty people. It is intended for those who want to grow crops ecologically, inexpensively, and on large fields
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  • EIT Food Test Farms

    3.05.2021 - Test Farms program is designed to link startups that are looking to validate their agricultural solutions with farmers or agricultural/pasture land to do a pilot project.

  • 27th Wielkopolski Agricultural Fair

    12.06 - 14.06

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Artificial Intelligence offers additional use cases, which was not seen before. It can distinguish crops and weed in various positions and sizes even if they are very close positioned. The weed can be the same or even bigger size than cultural crops, so we can use it for sown crops like sugar beet. Crops could be in different sizes – this happens when it is a very dry season. It can even work for different crops at the same time.

Yes, for sustainable farming it can reduce the amount of purchased pesticides about 40% as herbicides are not used. In organic farming it allows to grow on more hectares without additional costs in manual work. Example: For the 50 ha of the organic sugar beet, the profit per hectare is 3x times higher compared to conventional farming and this also includes the depreciation costs for the NEWMAN. The ROI is within 2 years.

NEWMAN is using the classic 3 point mounting for tractor or even other robotic autonomous machine

Each machine is continuously remotely monitored and if needed remote support can be obtained. Mechanical parts like weeding knives can be easily exchanged and also each cultivation unit is exchangeable with the spare one.